With the launch of collection one, we introduce a brand new look for our online home.

It feel's like forever since I first decided to start my own brand. There's been countless ups and downs in the lead up to this, our first launch, but it feels so good to have finally got here. The collection is a result of months of long hours of development, sampling, toiling and making.

The collection, entitled 'Unite or Perish' was developed from my graduate collection, which in turn came in a response to a summer spent discovering. I had been going through a bit of a creative crisis, and was struggling with what it was that I had to say as a designer, and what I wanted to put out there as my first full collection. I spent a couple months over the summer of 2016 doing in depth research on all the things that interest me as a designer. This included visiting galleries, contemporary art and photography exhibitions, going through 90's archive copies of journals like i-D and The Face. I re-visited photos from when I went to Lou Stoppard's, 'Mad About The Boy' exhibition, as well as getting silhouette ideas from books like Jackie Nickerson's, 'Farm' and Jason Evans' 'Strictly' photography series. My research pool is basically a big melting pot of my taste level at that time.

Graphic/text inspiration came from the sad state of world politics at the time. We was in the midst of Brexit at the time and I just felt there was a general lack of hope amongst youngsters and I was sick to death of the media not helping by just pushing us further and further apart. We've seen this all over again with recent terror attacks. I feel modern media has just exasperated the problem rather than helping us all unite together with the end goal of bringing about a global community, regardless of sex, race or religion.

The result is a collection that is a comment on my interests and inspirations, as well as a statement about where I think we stand as the youth of today. It's a learning process like anything else, and I look forward to my work improving with each incarnation, but for now, there is collection one. Enjoy.

Jacob Kane